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Under Dash Car Players

Here are a few under dash car players for you to check out. Description of player is below the picture of the unit.

We just bought a great collection of players from our friend Dan Jobin. Dan has worked with players since he as a young lad in California. He's done a lot of player repair work for us in the past. Be watching for more players to come up for sale in the near future. Some of these are very unusual and hard to find players. All players have been checked out unless otherwise stated.

If you are paying with PayPal, please make sure that the address you have on file with them is the correct address. If you've moved and haven't changed it or haven't given us your correct address, your package could be delayed. If it is sent back to us because of an incorrect address, there will be a charge for the return shipping from the post office as well as the original shipping costs.

Automatic Radio CFE 8001 Under Dash 8/4 Track -

Automatic Radio CFE 8001 Front

Automatic Radio CFE 8001 Top

Automatic Radio CFE 8001 Back

Automatic Radio CFE 8001 Bottom

Fantastic player that has had a lot of work done to it! $160 + S/H*

Craig/Pioneer 4 Track Under Dash Unit -

Craig Pioneer 4 Track Under Dash Front

Craig Pioneer 4 Track Under Dash Top

Craig Pioneer 4 Track Under Dash Back

Craig Pioneer 4 Track Under Dash Bottom

Looks like a Muntz... Sounds like a Pioneer. Best sounding car 4 track I have ever heard! $130 + S/H*

Muntz C-90 4 Track Under Dash Unit -

Muntz C90 4 Track Front

Muntz C90 4 Track  Top

Muntz C90 4 Track Back

Muntz C90 4 Track  Bottom

Lots of work spent making this a fine player! Some cosmetic wear, but still looks good! $110 + S/H*

Autosonic 4 Track Under Dash Unit -

autosonic 4 track under dash front

autosonic 4 track under dash top


autosonic 4-track under dash back
autosonic 4 track under dash bottom

Sounds great! Chome has some wear but looks pretty good for 50+ years old! This would look in a 1965 - older car. And don't worry if you can't find too many tapes... We sell adapters to play your iPhone, iPod, etc. on it! Cabling included. $100 + S/H*

Automatic Radio 8-Track Under Dash Unit -

Automatic Radio UD front

Automatic Radio UD Top

Automatic Radio UD Pitting

Automatic Radio UD Back

Works well, nice and clean. Minor pitting to chrome. Includes brackets and cabling. Red + Green Left Gray Right Ground player and speakers to chassis ground. Approx 8" D x 8 1/2" W x 3" H. $110 + S/H* SOLD

Kraco KS-666B FM/8-Track Under Dash -

Kraco KS666B FM/8-Track UD Front

Kraco KS666B FM/8-Track UD  Top

Kraco KS666B FM/8-Track UD  Back

Kraco KS666B FM/8-Track UD  Bottom

Plays great! Some cosmetic wear - see pics. No bracket. Wiring included R + Black - Gray R Green L $60 + S/H*

Audio Stereo Under Dash 8-Track Deck -

Audio Under Dash FrontAudio Under Dash TopAudio Under Dash BackAudio Under Dash Bottom

Under dash 8 track deck with locking, removable slide mount. Key is missing, but unlocked. New belt, aligned and contacts cleaned. Some cosmetic damage. Sounds good! Red - power, black - chassis & speaker ground, gray - right, green - left. $50 + S/H* 8 1/2"D x 7 1/4"W x 3 1/2"H

Craig 3147 Under Dash 8-Track Unit -

craig 3147 underdash front

craig 3147 underdash top

craig 3147 underdash back\

craig 3147 underdash bottom

This unit plays great. Everything works. Minor cosmetic wear. Bracket included. Red + Black - Green L Gray R $120 + S/H*


Craig Model S200 Under Dash FM/8-Track Unit -

CraigS200UD Front

CraigS200UD Top

CraigS200UD Back1

CraigS200UD Back2

CraigS200UD Bottom

Lots of features! FM, FF, Repeat, Matrix Sound, Slide Mount. Sounds great and looks cool! Red + Black - Orange Light White RR Green LF Gray RF Brown LR $150 + S/H*

Panasonic CX-325EU Under Dash 8-Track Unit -

Panasonic CX-325EU Front

Panasonic CX-325EU Top

Panasonic CX-325EU  Back

Panasonic CX-325EU Bottom

Scruffy, but plays very well! Will come with bracket. Blue + Non-Stripe Gray Wires - Blue Stripe Gray R Red Stripe Gray L $95 + S/H*

Audiovox Underdash 8-Track Unit -

Audiovox underdash no bracket  front

Audiovox underdash no bracket top


Audiovox underdash no bracket bottom

Sounds great! Everything works fine. No brackets. Red + Black - Green L Gray R $100 + S/H*

Blaupunkt 9-404-230-018 UD 8-Track Unit -

Blaupunkt UD Front

Blaupunkt UD Top

Blaupunkt UD Back

Blaupunkt UD Bottom

Fair amount of scratches and nicks, on the case. Plays great! No bracket. $100+ S/H* Red + Black - Green Right Blue Left

Mikado UD 8-Track Unit -

Mikado UD Front

Mikado UD Top

Mikado UD Back

Mikado UD Bottom

Nothing special, but it plays very well. Some soffing and wear on the front $ 60 + S/H* Red + Black - Green Left - Gray Right

1969 Sapphire Playtape II Under Dash for Volkswagen -


Sapphire Playtape Front

Sapphire Playtape Top

Sapphire Playtape Back

Sapphire Playtape Bottom

This is a very hard to find Sapphire Playtape II for Volkswagen. It decent shape! Player has been checked out and works well. It has a new belt but the knobs are missing and has no connectors in wires. This player does not play regular 8-track tapes, but the small play tapes. This system was made for Volkswagen. If you have a vintage Volkswagen, this little puppy is for you! $110 + S/H*

*The players can be shipped parcel post or priority. The smaller players can probably fit in a medium or large flat rate box, and may be a little cheaper than standard/parcel post. We'll give you the cheapest rate.

Please see our Return & Refund policy page if you have any questions about our warranty.

Any other questions/comments, please feel free to email us.

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