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In addition to selling tapes/cassettes & supplies and accessories, we also offer several services that you might want to take advantage of:

8-Track Repair

We recognize that not everyone can or want to repair their own tapes, so we provide 8-track/4-track/cassette repair. Click here to see a more detailed page of our tape repair services.

*We do not repair or transfer adult themed tapes*

Player Repair

Since Dan Jobin has retired, our Dan has been doing player repairs. There are some models he's not ready to tackle, but most he will give it a try! Email us and let us know what you have and what problems you're having with it and we'll let you know if it's something we can work on. If not, we'll try and find you someone who can. All work is guaranteed for 30 days* on the parts that are replaced and items repaired (see our 8-Track Repair page for more info.). Note - All warranties are voided if you open up the player after we've sent it back to you.

We cannot over stress the importance of packaging your player(s) up well and putting insurance on the package. If you take it to a facility that does packing/shipping, make sure that they wrap your item with lots of packing. Use lots and lots of large bubble wrap and not peanuts or air cushion bags. If your player has knobs or switches on the front that might be damaged, add extra wrap around them. Roll up some bubble wrap and put it over them or put an egg carton lid over it and wrap with bubble wrap. Put enough bubble wrap that you can't see your player anymore. Usually, several layers of the large bubbblewrap lengthwise and several layers widthwise will do it. You don't want any movement in the box. If you want to double box it (player still needs to be well packed with bubble wrap) that works too. If this is your pride and joy then treat it like it is! We can not be responsible if your item is damaged due to poor packaging.

Here are some pics of a poorly wrapped player and one that is well packed.


NOT Like This...

poorly packed player 2poorly packed player 3poorly packed player 4

LIKE This...

Good Packing 1Good Packing 2Good Packing 4Good Packing 5Good Packing 7Good Packing 8Good Packing9


Transfer Service

We also offer 8-Track to CD, Cassette to CD and CD to 8-Track*. You can find out more about these services here.

Thanks again!

new serviceArcade Tapes & Arcade Player Repair

If you have a cool old arcade machine that has an 8-track or 4-track player and it needs servicing or you need new tapes made for it, we can help you out!


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