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Car Player Accessories

Here are a few car player accessories for you to check out.

NEW - 8-Track Adapter/Converter -

We also are making some cool 8-track converters that you can use to play your music from your ipod, phone, etc. Very cool!!!

Just added! New converter with Lightning cable! This one works just like the other adapter but uses a lightning cable.

New 8-Track ConverterLightning Adapter

These are hand made so colors may very. Shells with minimal wear are used but may have minor blemishes. Every player is different so run it through the channels until you get the best sound from your adapter. - $35 + S/H for mini plug and $50 + S/H for lightning cable.


These are the "old school" adapters that allow you to play cassettes in your 8-track player. We get these in from time to time so what we show below may not be what we have on hand when you place your order. Occasionally, we buy an adapter only to find it doesn't work. It probably wouldn't take much to get it working again if you are mechanically inclined. Email for availability and price. *These do not carry a warranty. They are sold As-Is.

sparkomatic adapter2

Sparkomatic Adapter

kraco adapter

Kraco Adapter

Audiovox 40 Watt Power Amp -

Audiovox 40 Watt Power Amp Front

Audiovox 40 Watt Power Amp top

Audiovox 40 Watt Power Amp back

Works fine. No bracket. $25 + S/H*

Speaker Grills - GP69 -

Speaker Grills G69 Front

Speaker Grills G69 Back

We have a pairs of these NOS speaker grills. $4.99 ea. + S/H*

8-Track License Plate Frame:

What every true 8-tracker needs - an 8-track license plate frame. It says "THIS CAR STILL PLAYS 8-TRACK TAPES!" Our oldest daughter has one on her '76 AMC Pacer! - $6.99 + S/H (These make great gifts!)

8-track Licese Plate Frame

Any other questions/comments, please feel free to email us.

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